Stothert and Pitt

Utilising an extensive heritage of design and research in the development of precisely engineered lifting machinery.

Founded in 1785 by ironmonger George Stothert and recognised as an important industry pioneer, Stothert & Pitt now provides dockside and offshore crane technology services and support.

Ongoing research holds us today in an enviable position for consultancy and refurbishment, not only with the many original Stothert & Pitt cranes still in operation around the world but in dockside and offshore loading technology in general.

Support Services

When it comes to retrofitting and upgrading existing cranes, we can provide safety protection systems to safeguard cranes against sustained overloading in the event of a tangled hook, for example. The Wave Compensation System helps offshore crane drivers pick the most opportune moment to lift a load from the deck of a supply vessel in rough seas. Ergonomic cabins can be installed, offering the driver good all-round visibility.


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