Clarke Chapman Services

In markets where plant availability and performance are essential, you can rely on Clarke Chapman.

We believe in standing by our customers throughout the entire service life. In fact, many of our customers have relied on us for more than a century.

You can never be certain which spare parts will be required for the smooth operation of your plant.

If you are interested in improving your forecast for maintenance activities, we will be pleased to offer you customised contracts for the spare parts supply.

All around the world, cranes and materials handling equipment manufactured and supplied by Clarke Chapman are in daily operation - in ports, steel works, power stations, railways and freight terminals.

Wherever they are in action, these pieces of machinery are a vital link in the never-ending movement of raw materials and goods generated by today’s global economy. Supporting them, and other manufacturers’ equipment, is Clarke Chapman Services, which has a wealth and breadth of experience in site services. From manufacture, installation, refurbishment and upgrade…to relocation, accident salvage and repair…Clarke Chapman Services are a company to rely upon.

We provide:

  • Replacement of spare parts and worn parts with OEM parts
  • Recommendations of spare part lists for different product lifetime
  • Customised spare parts contracts on request
  • Repair of defective machines
  • High stock availability

We have the facility to access the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) design drawings for:

Wellman Booth | Joseph Booth | Clyde Crane And Booth | Wellman Cranes | Butterley Engineering | Butterley Cranes | Adamson Alliance Cranes | Cowans Boyd | Cowans Sheldon | John Boyd | Sir William Arrol | Clyde Cranes | NEI Cranes | Stothert & Pit | Mackley Pumps | Jenkins Of Retford | Newell Dunford | John Smith Cranes | Adamson Butterley

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