JND Technologies

Jenkins of Retford (founded 1896) and Newell Dunford (founded 1892) are internationally recognised names in the field of rotary drying technologies and other processing equipment.

Operating today as JND Technologies, part of the Clarke Chapman group, JND provides rotary drying and cooling solutions for applications such as food processing, cocoa and sugar; minerals, metals and gypsum. Products include rotary cascade dryers, rotary louvre dryers, rotary calciners and ball mills.

JND is part of Clarke Chapman Ltd (a former Rolls-Royce plc company), acquired in 2000 by parent company Langley Holdings plc, a British privately-owned multi-national industrial group.

Cocoa Roasters & Conditioners

Rotary Cascade Dryers

Rotary Louvre Dryer

Rotary Calciner



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