Work Experience at Clarke Chapman: A Gateway to Engineering Opportunities

Sam Mahlahla, a sixth form student from Thorpe Academy, recently completed a one-week work experience placement at the Clarke Chapman site in Gateshead (w/c 3rd June 2024). This immersive experience provided Sam with a comprehensive overview of the engineering processes and the intricate operations that take place within the company.

During his week at Clarke Chapman, Sam had the opportunity to engage with various departments, gaining a general understanding of the company’s multifaceted engineering environment. Among his diverse experiences, he particularly cherished his time with the Quality Control (QC) Inspectors in the Machine Shop. Here, he was introduced to the art of inspecting new components, a critical aspect to ensure the precision and quality of engineering products. Sam learned to operate a portable inspection arm, a sophisticated tool used to measure dimensions that are difficult to access, thereby ensuring that every component meets the stringent quality standards required in engineering.

Reflecting on his placement, Sam expressed: “I have a much deeper understanding of how each department is linked, how important they are to each other, and how everyone handles their individual responsibilities/tasks and the outcome for the client.” This insight underscores the collaborative nature of engineering at Clarke Chapman, where interdepartmental synergy is key to delivering superior products and services to clients.

Maureen Judd, Human Resources Manager at Clarke chapman said: “Clarke Chapman offers a wealth of opportunities for aspiring engineers, for both learning and professional growth. The company’s commitment to encouraging young talent is evident through our structured apprenticeship programmes, which aim to expose students to real-world engineering challenges and solutions. Whether Sam chooses to pursue a career in engineering or explore other fields, the foundational skills and experiences gained at Clarke Chapman will undoubtedly serve him well”.

About Clarke Chapman

Clarke Chapman formerly Rolls Royce Materials Handling division (incorporating Stothert & Pitt, Cowans Sheldon and Wellman Booth) can trace their roots back well over a century. Today Clarke Chapman produces highly specialised handling equipment and support services for the nuclear, steel, rail and other industries. The group operates from strategic locations throughout the UK. Since 2000 the company has been a part of Langley Holdings PLC a diverse, UK based, global engineering group which employs over 5000 people worldwide and annual revenues of circa. €1bn.

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