Stothert & Pitt general cargo and multi purpose cranes have been giving reliable service all over the world for more than 100 years. Our modern designs are uncomplicated for fast and easy operation, incorporating features that matter most to operators such as safety, durability and the cost of maintenance.
We offer a wide capacity range of standard and custom designed dockside jib crane to meet any requirements.
Multi-purpose cranes
Our multi-purpose cranes are the flexible solution for small and medium size ports with mixed cargo. Depending on the goods to be handled, they can be fitted with a spreader, a hook, a magnet or a grab when port throughputs do not justify the need for a costly dedicated gantry crane.
Our multi-purpose dockside cranes are designed with either a straight jib or a double lever.
The double lever crane has a reduced rope length, which minimises the pendulum effect when handling goods, providing smoother and easier operation for the driver through better control of the sway.
General cargo cranes
Our general cargo cranes have been standardised to make them easy to operate and maintain, as well to ensure short delivery times.
Kangaroo cranes

For faster unloading of bulk materials we recommend our kangaroo cranes. These have the advantage over other dockside cranes of not having to slew to discharge into the hopper.
Through life support
Throughout the life of your equipment our engineers are available to deal with any on-site problems and offer technical support and advice. We carry out surveys and inspections and advise on modifications and upgrades.