Robotic Case Packer

Case Packing Technology

Bradman Lake offer both pre-formed case and wraparound case packers in combination with appropriate collators for a very wide range of products. Where a pre-formed case is used, there are three machine type options; side load, bottom load and top load depending upon the nature of the product, its handling ability and the required format within the case.

The ‘flag-ship’ of our range is the MX Robotic Top Load machine that is a true modular construction machine and can be readily adapted for changing applications offering our clients a totally future-proofed machine.

Our wraparound case packers are multi-servo axis indexing machines and can handle a wide range of case sizes. The wraparound case is a high quality package that is ideally suited for shelf ready designs and provides the smallest case due to minimal internal clearance.

All machines can handle corrugated and carton board materials. RSC cases can be sealed with adhesive tape and / or hot melt adhesive while wraparound machines use hot melt. Our range of case packers delivers flexible solutions to satisfy the demands of modern shelf ready retailing.