Throughlife Support

Wellman Booth supply genuine spares which include replacement gearbox elements, bearings, runner wheels, ancillary equipment and components. We have the facility to check the original drawings and supply the right components for the duty required.

Our aftermarket department provides not only consumables spares for routine maintenance and outage, but also for breakdowns.  We provide spares and service for the following range of cranes and structures.

  • Adamson Alliance Cranes

  • Adamson Butterley Cranes (AB Cranes)

  • Butterley Cranes and Machines

  • Butterley Structures

  • Clyde Cranes

  • Clyde Cranes and Booth

  • John Smith Cranes (Smith Keighley)

  • John Thompson

  • Joseph Booth

  • Leeds Engineering and Hydraulic

  • NEI Cranes

  • Sir William Arrol

  • Wellman Cranes

Spares for both Mechanical and Electrical equipment are supplied. Our in-house manufacturing facility makes fabricated assemblies such as rope drums and wheels. Major items like Gearboxes are supplied fully fitted or refurbished with the clients’ free issue parts. Re-programming of PLC is a service available or up-grade to include additional fail-safe limits to stop cab crash and lift strikes.

Site visits can also be arranged to identify spares or in-service equipment and to recommend and advise on stocking levels required as part of an on-site maintenance programme.

We have the highly trained staff available to handle routine maintenance & outage, we also undertake maintenance of all plant cranes, reducing service costs and offering an improved run time to those industries that relay on essential services been maintained throughout the year.

Modernising your existing equipment is a cost effective alternative to buying new. Machines can be upgraded to meet today's demands and new technologies to increase capacity, reliability and performance. Our specialists carry out on-site surveys and investigations on existing cranes with a view to either refurbishment, extension to life or up-rating of capacity. Results will be assessed and a report outlining our recommendations issued.