Wellman Booth has supplied a number of special purpose cranes for aluminium handling processes including several multi-purpose anode handling and furnace tending machines for the loading and removal of anode blocks from furnace pits.
These machines also carry out all intermediary functions of loading, picking up and discharging of packing materials.
The designs incorporate fixed-mast and telescopic lifting mechanisms and include automatic positioning controls.
These machines are, therefore, designed to withstand the high temperatures and dusty conditions present in these processes.
Reliability and maintainability features are incorporated into the cranes to achieve maximum availability along with ergonomically designed controls and ease of visibility to reduce driver fatigue.
Wellman Booth machines for continuous duty application in the aluminium industry include:-


  • Multi Purpose Furnace Tending and Anode Handling Machines

  • Vertical Ingot Handling

  • General purpose and Coil Handling cranes.

  • According to the specific application features offered include:- ·Full vision climate control air conditioned driver's cabin

  • Remote Radio or Infra Red control

  • Condition monitoring