Stothert & Pitt equipment and services for the offshore oil and gas industry
We offer a full package of materials handling equipment to support offshore oil and gas platforms, including cranes, cargo offloading systems and winches.
Our ram and rope luffing cranes are designed for installation on fixed and floating production platforms (FPSOs). They provide maximum availability with minimum downtime and ease of maintenance.
We also offer an optional range of specially developed systems and equipment which include:

  • Ultimate protection system to safeguard cranes against sustained gross overloading in the event of an entangled hook

  • Wave compensation system to enable crane drivers to select the most opportune moment to lift a load from the deck of a supply vessel in rough seas.

  • Load indicating and data recording equipment.


Offloading systems
Our cargo offloading systems have been developed to suit FPSOs and semi-submersibles and can be provided with the following features:

  • Hose sizes up to 24 inches diameter

  • Hawser winches up to 600 tonne capacity

  • Flushing facilities

  • Loading monitoring


Through life support
Throughout the life of your equipment our engineers are available to deal with any on-site problems and offer technical support and advice. We carry out surveys and inspections and advise on modifications and upgrades to ensure compliance with offshore regulations.