Nuclear Power, Reprocessing and Waste Handling Industry Products
Wellman Booth is a market leader in the nuclear industry having been actively involved in the design development manufacture and supply of associated special purpose high integrity cranes over a period of 25 years.
Some 70 special cranes have been supplied to this industry many being involved in the most sensitive nuclear processes. Our capability includes structural assessment, both static and dynamic, for seismic and shock loading arising from earthquake (or similar) conditions.
A quality management system together with a multi-disciplined in-house design analysis and project management skills enable to us meet the stringent requirements and documentation demands of this industry where safety case justification is of paramount importance.
When dual load-path concepts are incorporated, these cranes provide a prescribed margin of safety necessary in critical installations.
Wellman Booth high integrity cranes are used in Magnox, PWR and AGR power stations and fuel reprocessing plants around the world.

Nuclear service cranes supplied include:-



According to specific requirements features offered include:-