Cowans Sheldon Product Support

Cowans Sheldon cranes are robust and reliable and operate for many decades. In time it may be necessary to replace outdated equipment or increase payload capacity to extend the life and efficiency of the cranes. Cowans Sheldon specialise in overhaul and refurbishment on our own designs and those supplied by other manufacturers.
The life extension programme carried out on five 75 tonne Cowans Sheldon rail cranes, originally supplied in the 1970's to British Railways, included an automatic safe load indicator to meet British Standard regulations, improved brake performance, a new power pack and enhanced floodlighting. These cranes now have 20 years, or more, of life with improved reliability, safer performance and ease of maintenance.
Cowans Sheldon after sales service ensures quick procurement of spare parts and our on-site maintenance service includes preventive or remedial maintenance, overhaul, upgrading and refurbishment.